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Turkcell Academy

The education videos with which you can improve yourself are with you at all times with Turkcell Academy Application!

You can have access to education videos in the fields of technology, self-improvement, sales, marketing, English, college preparation, tips and experiences from the leaders, finance, management, personal image, MS Office, app development and many different categories with Turkcell Academy.

You can easily reach the education you are looking for by:
• Selecting from the new or popular lists of training,
• Selecting from the education categories,
• Typing in the relevant word or words in the search box,
• Selecting the related titles from the filter and ordering menus

With Turkcell Academy App, you can either start watching the education videos right away or add them to your “watch later” list which enables you to reach them later easily. From the news section you can follow the news and announcements; from the help menu you can reach the information about the app and frequently asked questions.